How to appreciate a special city: Freiburg

It’s half past midnight (Italian time, GMT+1), the end of an amazing week-end in Freiburg, Germany.

I went to visit my best friend, who’s on exchange there.

Let’s keep it short and simple, cos pictures will describe the city better than pages of journal.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon at about 5 p.m, after a train ride of about 6 hours (leaving from Milan, train change in Basel).

M. came to pick me up and we walked around the city center (not before a pit/gossip/catch up stop at Starbucks).
It was dark, but the town was full of lights. So many cute little cafes and restaurants, and stoney streets cut by the tram lines. Would have looved to lose myself in that labyrinth of tiny streets, but we had to rest a little before going out again. For dinner, we took part to a Stammtisch organized by her language school: raclette and veggies a Swiss cheese dish, similar to a cheese fondue. Mhhh so yummy!
After dinner we went with M.’s friends to a sort of lunge bar and had some wine (well, tropical non alcoholic drink for me). The place is called Juri’s Cocktail and Wine

Bar, a nice a (bit poshy) place, with a relaxed environment.

We spent the day after walking around the city. Had dinner out in a colorful restaurant called Frei-Burg (I recommend their soups) and then went back to the lounge bar with another friend of ours.
Apart from the fun time spent with friends, the highlight of the day was the sunset on top of the Schloss (not Schloss Reinach), a hill that overlooks the w city. Clouds ranged from light blue to orange to hot pink, and as the sky was getting darker the city gradually lit up, showing outlines of black buildings spotted by Christmas lights. Breathtaking, for real. You feel at peace, a sense of serendipity, something you can feel only before amazing landscapes. I’ll let pictures give you a little hint of the view.

P., an Italian friend of us, joined in late at night, ready to party hard on Saturday night. That’s what we did! After walking around the city (lunch at Schlappen) we had a looong stop at the dollar store in Kaiser-Joseph Strasse, where we bought lots of knick-knacks, like angel wings and furry ear-covers (I don’t know this word in

English). We also tried to find smth for P., including Santa’s hat (with braids!).
That night, after dining at the Kartoffenhouse (amaxing soup..yes, I’m obsessed with soups) we went out with F., a German guy I had become friend with in Belgium during a French Course last Summer. After a drink or two and trying several clubs we ended up in a club called Agar, where we danced all night long (4.30am). Man that was a fun night. 4 people (M., her American friend E., P. and I) jumping and swinging and laughing like crazy all over the dance-floor, till we had no energy left.

A good cake and warm chocolate was the perfect breakfast and got us (P. and I.) going…4 hours trip back to Milan!


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