Tribute to Craash

I’ve just come back from a concert!

It was so much fun, a very exciting night. It wasn’t really a trip, but still, my friend Karen and I drove all the way to Legnano, a town about 30-40 mins away from Milan. After getting lost quite a few times (I need to update my GPS, since it missed out on many one way streets and new roundabouts), we made it to Saxa Club, and the Craash were just about to play. They play mainly Italian covers (I don’t know if they wrote their own pieces too), and considering that they hadn’t played live for quite some time, they showed perfect coordination and a great capability to involve their fans and hit the groove! Karen and I went there mainly to hear our friend Stefano play the drums, and we ended up dancing till the very last vibe. Ligabue, Vasco, some ska, sexy punk, and much more! What can I say….great job guys!

Here’s some pics of the night..enjoy!

Benny On The Road


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  1. Posted by Karen on December 5, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Ciao!! solo adesso ho visto le foto!! belle! come faccio per mettere i video?


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