How to survive 5 months at Puri’s Maxipiso in Seville (Andalucìa)

So, Sevilla. It’s quite hard to write an entry about this wonderful place, this wonderful period (February-July 2008). One of the most important of my life – and among the craziest ones too!

I spent a few days looking for a house..I remember the day I entered the Maxipiso for the first time. I was checking out places with a friend (a girl I had met on the plane to Sevilla, an Erasmus student as well). When the owner showed us the house I had a sort of “insight”, I knew that was going to be my home. Dirty dishes, all messed up, a 4 stories international house, with people yelling joyfully to one another from their rooms (they were probably deciding what to buy for that night’s dinner party). Just like L’auberge Espagnole, or even messier (by the way, great movie!). I moved there the day after, and felt home. The city is beautiful..I fell in love with it the moment I got out of the cab (yes, the first day I took a cab).. when you go, you’ll fall in love with it as well!

As you might imagine, tons of things happened during that semester. Here’s then some random things I used to do in Sevilla, as well as most of the students there. I put it in a form of TTD list, so that you can use it when you go there!

– Walk by Rìo Guadalquivir

– Have a picnic on the grass there or at the Parque del Alamillo

– Visit Plaza Real, el Alcazar, la Giralda, la Universidad, and other important’ll be amazed!

– Stare at the huge Cruzcampo board on top of a building in Plaza de Cuba

– Lose yourself in the narrow streets in Triana

– Run away from police combings in Alameda (not without dropping by Fun Club, Cafè Central, Las Columnas, or having a botellòn+guitar+songs on the street)

– Eat looots of tapas (I recommend Las Columnas, Levìes (that’s where I used to work), el Patio, Los coloniales y muchos màs)

– Buy delicious fruits and veggies at the local markets and get a 2nd hand bike at a flea market (I recommend to invest some money for a good locker, otherwise your bike will be gone within 2 days)

– Go to Elefunk, get a few chupitos, then go somewhere else (unless you’re really in the mood for it!)

– Try different pubs in Calle Betis

– Get churros with hot chocolate when churrerìas open, very early in the morning, after a dancing night

– Sneek into  Las Casas de la Juderìa the luxury hotel in the Santa Cruz area. It makes you feel like you’re in some ancient time dream

– Drink: sangrìa, tinto de verano, calimocho (but that’s more typical of other areas of Spain), and whatever cubata your friend gives you in a Casera plastic bottle.

– Get crazy, let go, no rest

– Wander around the city…no rush, just live it

– Take the (useless) tram, the Sevici, or the underground (I haven’t done the last was a surprise for me to find the metro the following year!)

– Go tho the bullfight La Maestranza, just to take a look at the building (I personally despise bullfights)

– Go to the Spring botellon – great event!

– Get cheap but good sandwiches in a local cafè (solomillooooo)

– Jamming at Garamon

– Have a party in someone’s azotea

– Shop at the Mercadona in Plaza de Armàs (and if you want go to Buddha Club there too).

– Go to a ESN night in Caramelo and to the Summer disco Casino

Man so many things, and I’m not even close to the end!

I’ll link a video of my experience there, to give you a clearer idea of what Sevilla house and especially at Hostal Puri (it’s not an actual hostel, it was my house) was like.




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