Athens, day1

It’s Saturday, Dec 5. I’m about to go to bed, but first I want to share with you what I did today in Athens. Of course  didn’t hear the alarm, so when my dad came to pick me up (I live with my mom) I somehow managed to get ready in about 5 minutes. Then we picked up his girlfriend (who also hadn’t heard the alarm), and then, off to Malpensa! We left at about 10am and arrived there at about 1pm (2pm local time). After dropping our stuff at the hotel (Fresh Hotel, a nice, sort of kitsch colorful hotel, I recommend it) we walked to the Acropolis. Unluckily, it was closed (it closes at 3pm), so we ended up walking around it. It was still a beautiful sight, but nothing compared to the opportunity to walk among the ruins, breath the atmosphere of ancient Greece. We’ll go there tomorrow morning. Afterwards, we went to the Acropolis museum, which is a modern building, perfectly structured and designed to host what is left of the statues and other findings belonging t the Acropolis.  Go there if you get the cance, you’ll be positively surprised!

We had dinner in the area called Plaka, which is partly a promenade and is full of little shops and restaurants. The food was good, but we were so tired that after dinner we headed back to the hotel right away.

So here I am!

I’ll write more tomorrow evening!


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