Athens, day 2

Here we are again!

Today we went back to the Acropolis. It was an amaaazing experience! The view, the buildings (I mean, what is left of them) imagine how it used to be and just have no words to describe the emotion you feel when you  see those columns, those statues…a priceless experience. There have been some riots in the city, in memory of a guy that had been “murdered by the cops” last year. We managed to stay away from those areas, but were a bit scared (but at the same time reassured) by the huge number of policemen on the road, all over the city center! We also went to Licabetto (this is the Italian word for it), a viewpoint on top of a high hill with an amazing view. Pictures will describe this better. We also went to the flea market, an area full of little shops and stands, selling pretty much everything, from old watches to fajke Prada purses to military equipment. It got very windy so towards 5.30pm we went back to the hotel and took a nap (I had also run in the morning and was feeling very tired). In the evening, after getting an aperitivo at the lounge bar in the hotel, we went out in the Plaka neighborhood for dinner. Nice place (I can’t recall the name now, but I’ll write it in the next entry), all white and light blue, between a lighthouse and a sober christmas house.

I’m about to go to bed now. It’s been an amazing day! One more and then back to Milan. Oh well…seize the moment!


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