Athens, days 3 and 4

This is the last day of my trip. So sad I had to leave Greece, but I’m happy we got to see the most important places, the main monuments and museums. Yesterday morning we walked around the city center (and went back to the flea market…I got myself a skirt and a scarf/hat!). Then, at about 1.30pm, we went to the National Archeological Museum. Expositions there include a great variety of artifacts, which range from the Prehistoric period to the last decades of Ancient Greek culture. We spent there 2.30 hours, leaving the museum at about 4pm. We were so tired from our long walks (+1 hour jogging at 7.15am) that we went through the last rooms pretty fast. On our way back we walked around the area close to Omonia square (right between the hotel and the museum) cos there were still some riots. They were not as bad as the day before, but we still got a bit scared and were extra-careful on the whole walk back. After a 2.30 hour nap we had an “aperitivo” on the last floor of the hotel… and we ended up having dinner there too (the restaurant we had seen in the morning, close to the fish market, was closed). We had very good fish with veggies, not bad as a last supper in Greece! At about 10pm I met up with Alexandros, a Greek friend of mine who had spent a semester in Milan last year. We had a couple of drinks, in the Gasi/Gazi area first, and then where we had walked that morning, the uptown shopping area. It was so much fun! He drove me around the city, and I have to say that Athens is very pretty by night, all lit up and full of cool bars, each of them with its own peculiarities. (See pictures attached). I confirmed that all the trash on the road was mainly due to the strike of the garbage men, and told me that Athens+suburbs reach about 5 million people (many Greeks move there to study or to work)!

This morning we woke up at 5.50am (3 hours of sleep)…flight at 7.30, and then breakfast in a nice cafè. In the afternoon I found the strength to go to the craft fair. It is a very big event in Milan, taking place every year for about a week at the beginning of December. Every country from all over the world has its own stands, selling typical products. You can find everything, from kimonos to a great variety of food courts. I spent there about 3 hours, and then I finally went home. C ya next time, Greece!


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