New Year’s Eve in London-Part One

Here’s a summary of my trip to London, for New Year’s Eve.

A bit late maybe, but better sooner than never.

It’s been such a good time, spent with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time (and who all leave abroad, I mean, outside Italy).

The trip itself has been pretty amazing: bus ride! I left on Dec 28 at about 9 pm. The whole trip took about 21 hours, with a “bus change” in Paris coach station. It was a pleasant trip, especially when the bus parked inside the boat and we walked along the dock while crossing the English Channel. D. (a French girl met on the bus) and I met a very interesting British man, R., who told us about his years spent traveling around the world while in the Navy. He told us about his desire to visit the US and how he finally made it, even tho it was just for a few hours (the time to load/unload the cargo). Those hours were the highlight of the trip!

Anyway, I arrived around 6 p and met my friend Mirko at Victoria Station. We took the metro to Matt’s home, another friend of ours. Now, let’s spend a few words on the story of our friendship. Mirko was a colleague of mine in the Tapas Bar Levìes, in Sevilla, while Matt was working in another bar across the road, where we all used to go get beers and sing after work. Good times! Thanks to facebook, we all kinda kept in touch and had this small reunion at Matt’s. Back to NY’s, we spent that first night at home..we had some pretty intense days ahead of us!

Dec 30

Mirko and I went to Camden Town and spent the whole morning in the market. So amazing! I felt “at home”. The peculiar easy going environment, peculiar stands, a mix of vintage, gipsy, emo styles, asian food (and more), all those colors,

We walked our way up to the British Museum but it was packed, so we only saw parts of it. It took my breath matter how many times you visit that museum, it will leave you breathless!

We then walked back and forth Oxford Street and went down to Piccadilly Circus, where I bought a ticket of the musical We Will Rock You (£25 instead of £60, yesss!). The show really blew my mind! The actors were so amazing, and terrific singers as well. The Queen themselves would have been proud of them. Was surprised by the plot, (pardon my ignorance, I didn’t know it was set in a future where real music had been banned), didn’t expect that at all!

After the show I met up with Kefa, an Austrian friend of mine who lives in London. Our friendship is also pretty peculiar. We first met in Finland (where I was doing and exchange). He was visiting Melanie (who was also doing an exchange there), a Canadian girl met in New Zealand. If that doesn’t sound confusing enough, we all met up again in Canada a few summers later, and that’s when Kefa and I actually became friends. So there we were, drinking beer like ol’ pals. Kefa’s fun! He kinda reminds me of Barney Stinson (but with dark hair and dark eyes and less monotonous topics). We chatted a bit, then I went back to Matt’s.


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  1. Posted by melanieleeson on February 3, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Hey Benny! You should also add a subscription button to your blog so I can find out when you’ve updated it :). Love reading your travel stories!

    Not sure when I’ll next visit P&S. I’m hoping soon. They’re great people and I’m hoping they’ll come up and visit us too.


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