New Year’s Eve in London: The Night

Here I’m just gonna skip the whole day walking (which was amazing, London’s just magic!) and go straight to New Year’s Eve!

Mirko and I met up with Kefa and some friends of his at Piccadilly Circus. We headed off to The Duke of Argyll, a pub in Soho, meeting some more friends of Kefa (and friends of friends) 🙂 It was an interesting mixture of ethnicities and nationalities: Italian, Chilean, Austrian, Chinese, KOrean, Malaysian.. and we all got along very well! After a few glasses of wine and a vane attempt to flirt with a bartender we headed outside to see the fireworks. Even tho we didn’t make it to the riverside we could see them clearly and, what can I say, they were amazing. The anticipation and excitement was palpable: hundreds of people waiting for those final seconds, a chance to turn page, start over, and leave another year behind. The expectation for a brighter year, and the fireworks definitely gave it a great start! After the fireworks and tons of pictures, while  heading back to the pub, it started snowing. It was just a few flakes, nit even enough to whiten the streets, but it gave a touch of perfection to that already great night, and it definitely meant a lot to my friend Mirko, who had never seen the snow (he comes from Chile and lives in Southern Spain). He was so excited, and I was about to cry for happiness (yeah I’m a bit soppy). Were were we..ah, the pub. They put an entrance fee, so after unsuccessful attempts to go to some other pub and a disgusting Falafel (we had bento for dinner: nice, but not so filling), we separated, with hugs and kisses, like ol’pals, and facebook addresses exchange. Kefa, Mirko and I went then to Cafè de Paris, the club where my friend Matt works. We got in for free and, man, did we have fun! I can’t recall the whole night. I just remember the taste of my screwdriver, the amazing place, and lots of dancing.

The whole night was a great success: there was a good chemistry with one another, even though most of us were didn’t know one another, and a series of lucky coincidences made that night a perfect New Year’s Eve 🙂

Mirko and I woke up at Kefa’s house, and headed back to Matt’s in late morning. Poor guy, working all night long, in such a crazy event, but oh well, I guess he enjoys it 🙂

So Thank You guys for the LEGENDARY New Year’s Eve!!!


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