B-day party e postumi

This is a very random post, neither proofread nor thoughtfully written. It’s just words pouring out of my hands. I’m sitting at Mc Donald’s, which has become sort of a second house for me, since my connection at home still sucks. Oh well, as long as they don’t kick me out….I put an empty box of fries that my friend bought earlier this afternoon next to my laptop as an escamotage..I hope it works!

The week started at 08.00 am, when Eddie, a Mexican friend crushing at my place for a few days, went off for a job interview. We were all so excited for him (and a bit jealous too, cos I can’t find anything), but his knowldege of the french language was too low to obtain the job…it sucks, but a nice 1€ beer night at Aussie Bar will cheer him up! As for me, I left at 9.30 with the intention of registering for library card, but the office was closed. Asking around and riding my bike in the area of Port Marianne I discovered the faculties of Law and Economics and in particular their fantastic, quiet library, with plugs for computers everywhere! I managed to get some studying done, both with my paper for Uni and with some french vocab. (words related to kitchen and food). At about 5 pm I joined Eddie at McDo and when he left he gifted me with some chips and their useful red box 🙂

Last Friday, Oct 15, it was my birthday and we celebrated with a nice dinner (sushi and pasta with pesto sauce), followed by a huge house party, which I remember only in part. Lots of people, vodka, chips, music, fun! A guy left his jacket, another one his sunglasses (they were in the trash actually), and a third one slept on the kitchen floor (which can barely host a 1,80m tall person in fetal position). The following morning wasn’t so great, but after a lazy morning and some episodes of Scrubs I pulled myself together and started the cleaning. Apart from the bottles hidden in the most unpredictable corners of the house the whole process didn’t take more than a couple of hours. Eddie, who helped me out with the cleaning, and I rewarded ourselves with a film at the movies, The Social Network, which I found very interesting and recommend everyone to watch.

Ok the smell of french fries is really revolting now..I gotta leave this place! I’ll pass by a boulangerie and buy a 60 cents baguette (loving French food people!!!).



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