Random thoughts of October 23

I’ve been here for almost a month and a half, and for over a half of my staying.

Can’t believe that Halloween is in a week already..time is moving so fast!

It’s 9.14 am of a saturday morning, I can’t sleep but at the same time I don’t have enough strength nor will to go for a run, which is postponed to 11 am. Facebook is still not working and it is so annoying! You know when you can’t sleep because all thoughts about your life and preoccupations come into your mind and you can’t manage to get rid of them? This is exactly what is happening now… I’m spending money over my budget, I’m not done with my paper yet and my French is crap…oh, I’m out of shape too..definitely out of shape. I need a good shower. These last 10 days have been pretty normal: library, dinners with friends (btw Italian dinner chez moi tonight!), and I finally got to go to La Pleine Lune, the pub/bar next to my house, which organizes jam sessions and live shows almost every night. Eddy, Isma and I went there on Wednesday night and assisted to one of the coolest beatboxing jam sessions ever! First there was just one guy (spectacular, btw), who alternated beatbox with dj sessions. He recorded the sounds he made and mixed them all together along with some basic surround. After a while a couple of guys joined him, randomly, and the 3 of them found the perfect chemistry while beatboxing together. Later, a bass player, drums and a rapper (the latter, I have to admit, wasn’t that good) came along and made a freaking good, exciting show. We expected a nice, quiet beer night with some beatboxing but it turned out to be on my top 5 nights here in Montpellier!


Other than that…we might go to Beziers this week-end and I’m meeting up with my dad on the next one…I’m so excited!!!


OK that’s all for now. Cheers!



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