I was writing about Saturday, Nov 6, the day I went back to Montpellier. Since Robin Hood was on the way home I stopped for a beer. Jack and Max were working that evening and invited me to a house party after closure. How could I possibly refuse such a proposal, after spending infinite hours sitting in trains? So I went back home, showered, changed, bought Red Bull and headed back to the pub. I made acquaintance with Julie, the new manager, and “warned” her that she was going to see me pretty much every day, sitting with my computer while sipping a café allongé.

After closure we went to this famous house party, and even though I had no clue of who the owners were, I knew, at least by sight, about 1/5 of the people there. One of the people who lived there is a barman in Monaco and made fantastic mojitos in a purposefully structured corner of the house. Alcohol reached rather high peaks and we went home at about 05.30 in the morning. This made a good 24 hour day for me and an excellent welcome back to Montpellier.

I have to admit that I can’t really place all events in an exact chronological order, but let’s say during the whole following week, at least Monday to Friday, the key world was PARTY HARD. Whether planned or failing attempts to have a relaxed, glass-of-wine evening with friends, I ended up finding myself in some house party somewhere in the city center. This happened both on Tuesday and Thursday night, when I held two Italian dinners (coz some people could come on one day but not on the other), on Wednesday, where I my friends and I toured 4 different houses, and Friday. That last evening actually deserves a special explication. After 4 awesome but exhausting days, I was firm into having a relaxing, gossip evening with J. As mentioned before, a nice glass of wine at Robin Hood before going back home and finally get a nice night’s sleep. Jack called us up to go to Inglorious Bar, not far from Robin Hood. Not feeling so tired after all, and being J. into party mood, we went there, but the others had already left. Jack said he was going to arrive in 20 minutes, so J. and I explored the neighborhood in search of new, different places to have a drink. We ended up in a bar around the corner. After getting rid of the sensation of being in a gay and lesbian bar and two glasses of wine, we started talking with a group of french people (11 in total, girls and boys), who invited us to tag along and go with them to Cargo (a bar/discotheque). Since Jack sort of ditched us he went straight to a house party instead of picking us up), we went with them. However, I really wanted to join my friends, who had called me to join them to the house party, so after a while I left, while J. stayed with our new French friends. Stopping at an épicerie for beers and some pain au chocolat, I arrived at the house, and MAN, what I found was a huuuge apartment filled with at least 70 pax, known and unknown faces, and, of course, my friends. I met some interesting people there, random chats, and had a great night. I even set some singing classes in exchange of Italian food, but I can’t recall with whom… Anywho, when the house was slowly getting empty, somebody said “let’s go to RockStore”, and there we were, heading to the rock bar! We spent there about an hour, dancing pretty much like zombies and sipping on the last beer. At 6.30 am I crashed on my bed with my contacts on…the evening had begun at 9 pm of the previous evening.


The week was nice and calm. I visited my Finnish friend N. in Baillargues, a town some 30 min away from Montpellier, where she is working as a waitress in an hotel (she’s here witht he Leonardo da Vinci program). There was sort of a Festival of CInema going on there,a nd we watched the cartoon Kirikou et les Animaux. It felt a bit strange to be surrounded entirely by children and their parents, but we really enjoyed the cartoon!

I was still worn out from the previous days and almost fell asleep while watching Les Paupetter Russes with N on the computer, after all I NEEDED some sleep. The following morning, after breakfast at the hotel, I headed back to Mtp and…tataaaaaan, went running! And you know what, I actually managed to run for 4 days in a row, something really exceptional for a lazy ass like me. I actually like running, and there’s a perfect park just around the corner, it’s just…I’m freaking laze, that’s all!


It’s Thursday, Nov 18. Pretty quiet week so far, with nice evenings with friends and working o the computer during the day. I’m having dinner at some friends’ house tonight, and holding one at my place tomorrow. Francois, a Parisian friend I had met in Sevilla, is coming over for the Battle of the Year, the final match of a global break dancing competition! He bought me a ticket in exchange of logement, and I know that Saturday night is going to be amazing!


Before I leave (my eyes are requiring some more sleep), I have to say that, due to discretion (you never know who might come across this blog and I don’t want to end up like Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network), I left out flings or amorous enticements of any sort, even though OF COURSE in all this time there has to be some guy involved! I’ll leave details to some nice gossip evening with my girlfriends back home.



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