It’s 01.02 p.m. and I’m actually pretty tired, but I want to drop a few lines before going to sleep, since the next two days are going to be very intense. I’m graduating on Thursday and I have to finish up the ppt presentation of my research paper and rehearse the oral exposition of it. I hope it will be easier now that I’m back, with actual internet connection at home and no crazy fetes/diners montpellierains to go to…


I’ve arrived at home less than 2 hours ago actually, surviving a 12 hour train ride from Montpellier to Milan (4 trains total). Yesterday I had the last beers at Robin Hood with my pals and then slept at J. & D.’s place. The guys were so kind to take me to the train station this morning and be my “footmen”, carrying my luggage all round Mtp. We had breakfast at Paul’s by the gare and then, right when we were about to walk to the platform..we saw that the train was at least 1 hour late! This meant that I had 99% of probability of missing all the other connections (which indeed happened), but after a few “merde, damn it!”, we decided to take a stroll in the city center. At 11.30 my train finally left and, well, the moment of sadness I had feared for a few days finally arrived. Thinking of Montpellier, all the happiest and craziest moments there and of how hard had been to say goodbye to all my friends there..


Well, life goes on, gotta do what you gotta do, and I have lots to do, at least until the end of the week (then if I only had money I could totally go back to Mtp cos there’s not much to do here for me in December).


Any-who, as I said before all connections were ratées, but I still managed to make it here. The delay sucked also cos today (I mean, yesterday, Monday) it was my dad’s birthday and, supposed to arrive at 9 p.m., we had planned to go out for dinner and to the movies together…oh well we moved it to the next days.




December 14


This is my last entry about Montpellier…


A significant part of my experience there were the language exchange meetings at The Bookstore. They were held twice a week and were a perfect opportunity to practice foreign  languages with people from different countries. I started going there after my French course ended, desperately looking for people to practice French with. What I found was a nice, laid back atmosphere, a desire to meet, to share, to talk with perfect strangers while eating a muffin or drinking some chocolat chaud. I went there like 10 times and made quite a few friends. I actually wish I had started going there earlier, both for the language and for the people.


I have no-one to practice French with now, and I know I’m slowly loosing it. I should start reading stuff in French and watching videos, but I’ve been so busy that I barely have time for myself.

In fact, the week after my graduation I was called by an agency (those who recruit hostess to attend conferences or give away flyers), who needed a girl to wrap presents in a jewelry in a mall. The job lasted till Dec 24 and would start the day after (it was an emergency replacement for a girl that had dropped-out).

I took it of course, and now I’m super-busy, mostly because it takes me 40 minutes to go there and even more to come back (end-of-the-day traffic jam). Oh well.. no problem since it gives me smth to do and some money!


Some friends of mine are coming from the US to spend Christmas/New Year’s eve together, and I know wel’ll have a wonderful time!


Yesterday I also bought plane tickets to New Zealand! On January 26 another adventure will begin, along with new blog entries.


Peace to everyone





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