Italian community in Wellington

On Wednesday evening I had a drink with Sarah Ag., another friend of Fran’s. We went to The Library again and we had a very light cocktail which tasted like lemon tart, no, lemon bars..anyway sooo delicious! We had a great time too: she is so sweet and nice, just like the other Sarah!

Thursday, Feb 3

Those three days had been so intense that I needed to charge a bit so I decided to take it easy. In the morning I had a meeting with the account of an advertising agency (I’d rather not write names, but it’s a local one that works a lot with the government). It wasn’t really an interview, but at least I got a real chance to talk about myself, my studies, and my perspectives on the marketing sector. They wanted to see something I had written in English so the following day I went there with the PDF file of my Bachelor’s thesis. They should get in touch with me on monday or tuesday…fingers crossed! In the afternoon I saw a crazy parade for The 7s: car-driven carts all decorated carried the team members, surrounded by “hostess/groupies”, throwing necklaces and candies from their wagons. Italy wasn’t there, and it’s not like I really care about rugby, but the energy and enthusiasm of real fans on the streets affected me and I found myself yelling “Vive la France” to the French team and jumping at the sight of the American team. It was cool (see pics on fb)!

In the evening I did my first shift at Estadio. All colleagues were super nice and I think it went well (and the food looked extremely yummy!). Nonetheless, they would not be able to guarantee a minimum amount of hours, so I still kept looking, and will have another trial shift at a Mediterranean restaurant called Osteria del Toro, managed by an Italian friend of Bruce.

Friday, Feb 4

I finally went out for a run, which went pretty well. The weather wasn’t super-hot and the track not so crowded, but I realized that I really need to buy a pair of running shoes.. mine have a super-slim sole that will eventually break my feet!

Anyway, the whole day went smoothly: I left my resume in 5 advertising agencies and then managed to get the wi-fi work on my computer (no more internet cafés yay!), thanks to the help of a well prepared guy at Telecom call-center.

In the afternoon I went to Osteria del Toro and talked to the manager, setting my trial shift. There, I met Giulia, who was dropping by the restaurant to say hi. She has lived in Wellington with her boyfriend for FIVE YEARS! I asked her about their experience in NZ and we started chatting. She and her bf have just received their residency, will soon get married and are about to buy a house of their own (as opposite to renting one): they have realized their dream! After a while Giulia said “hey, I have a birthday party tonight, and there will be a bunch of Italians! Wanna come?” – “Sure”. I jumped with her on a bus to her house and met her bf and a friend of theirs, who arrived in NZ a little over an year and had been living all around the world. After more chatting, we went to the party, where I met a real Italian community, 20 people or so all speaking Italian! Most of the guys work for WETA, an important visual effects company (they worked with Peter Jackson on The Lord of The Rings, on Avatar, etc). Even though most of them had a job already, they all found a way to stay, which was very encouraging for me!

I had some nice chats (in Italian!) with quite a few people there and hope to meet them again!

That’s all for now. We’ll see how this crazy week-end will be, with the 7s and everything!


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