Living it up in Welly

Hello everybody!!!!

How YOU doing?

Sooo log since my last entry, and so much has happened in these past few weeks! Ohh I’m such a lazy butt…I always end up having to make a list of what’s happening in my life rather than properly describing my experiences with all the emotions and sensations felt while they’re happening. Well, I hope that my entries manage to make you understand or feel even just a little part of my happiness and enthusiasm.

My goal is to live each day at its fullest and at the same time I am trying to find an equilibrium, a sort of “diverse routine” throughout the week, now that I have a job and an actual home.

There’s so much going on in Welly on daily bases! Concerts, exhibitions, movie or music festivals…you can’t get bored.

I have gone to the movies quite a lot. There is the German Film Festival in these days, with a series of documentaries shot by German filmmaker Werner Herzog. I‘ve managed to watch a cuple of them so far, all very interesting.

Wodaabe – Herdsmen of the Sun is about a tribe in Africa whose members believe to be the most beautiful people on Earth. The doco was mainly about an important ritual, a dance performed by men to please women. They dress up in extravagant costumes and put on heavy, bright colored make up. After the dance, women decide who they want to have as husband or just to spend the night with. The dance is quite unique, also because men try to show the white of their bulbs and of their teeth throughout the performance, something quite funny for us but considered very sexy by the members of the tribe.

The second doco, Wheel of Time, was about a Tibetan Buddhist initiation rite, which took place in 2002 in India in the presence of the Dalai Lama. For six weeks, hundreds of thousands of Buddhists flocked there, dedicating themselves to prayer and meditation. Pilgrims travelled on foot for years to take part to the ritual, prostrating to the ground every 2 steps, and showing exceptional perseverance and faith. A mandala is started at the very beginning of it and 9 monks take turns and work on it around the clock. At the end of the rite, a special ritual is performed by the Dalai Lama, who then destroys the Mandala.

I’ve also watched a couple of very interesting movies, as A Streetcar named Desire (con quel figo di Marlon Brando) and The Names of Love, a peculiar French comedy about “love and politics”. I recommend you to watch it if you want to have a good laugh.

Music, Music, and mo’ Music! 

– The concert of The Woolshed Sessions, a band who plays folk music with a variety of instruments, from the ukulele and the mandolin to Maori instruments of unspeakable name. A cold beer, informal environment, quality music, I remember that night as one of the most relaxing and “charged of positive, authentic vibes”.

Concerts around town by Carlos Navae, a Mexican friend of mine. He plays guitar, piano, and is the lead singer of 3 bands. They play Latin American music, and are amazingly good. He sings so well that I offered him lessons on Italian language and Italian cooking in exchange for singing lessons. We had a first meeting, which was very productive. It deserves to be written about, really. On Monday evening, the night before our first singing class, I went to his place with some other friends and we made tiramisu. The evening went on with some jamming, Ale playing bongos, Kris playing the piano, Carlos singing and playing the guitar and Dave playing the trumpet. So much fun, such good vibes, and such good quality music! The following day Carlos taught me how to warm up my voice before singing with a few, simple exercises. He then told me to choose 4 songs I want to learn how to sing WELL and to send them to him. I chose I’m no good by Amy Winehouse, A Dustland Fairytale by the The Killers, Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver and Heartshaped Box, a cover by The Evanescence of one of the best songs by Nirvana. I can’t wait to start working on those songs with Carlos (besides singing them by myself in my room or on the street). The funny thing is that later on in the evening I randomly bumped into him as he was going to a bar to play a gig. I tagged along, had free dinner at the bar and listened to an amazing performance, (Buena Vista Socal Club gave me the shivers). It’s random nights like this that really make your week.

Last Friday I went to a gig of one of my flatmates. He’s the drums player of Candies for Strangers, a Drum & Bass band, and that was their last gig cos one of the members is moving to Auckland. Amazing concert, a “scarica di adrenalina” in every note, in every beat. We danced liked crazy for the whole evening (I had to burn an high-calorie dessert eaten at Strawberry Fare, a restaurant FAMOUS for its desserts), and everyone had an awesome time. I met the sister of one of my flatmates, who has been living in Italy for about one year, and who was eager to have a chat with some italian speaker and practice the language.I’m always very pleased when someone is learning or is willing to learn Italian, cos they’re moved by a true love for the language, for its sounds, and not because they have to. I’m def. keen on meeting up with her and help her out practicing Italian.

It was nice to go out with all my flatmates, both on that occasion and on the previous Friday, for a flat-warming dinner out in an amaaaazing Thai restaurant (and then out for drinks – hearing Carlos playing with one of his bands).

Talking about flats…my room has finally furniture in it! Yaaaay! Well, at least it has a bed, a built-in wardrobe and a drawer with a huge mirror! It took me a while to clean this last piece of furniture, considering that when it first got here it smelt like a haunted mansion (or dead bodies..well not that I know what dead bodies smell like..but you know what I mean), but now it’s all neat and clean and drawers had enough room to allow me to empty my suitcases yaaayyy! It was about time, after 2 months and a half…! The mirror broke on one side when the guys brought the drawer in (no splinters, only a “cut”), but I wasn’t there so I guess the rule of “7 anni di sfiga” doesn’t apply to me (fingers crossed tho!).

Ok what else…ohh so much! May is fully booked: I start an advanced course of French language and a course of Chinese for Tourists (and one of my flatmates is doing it too!), + finally joined a women-only gym!

For Easter I’m going to Wairarapa, famous for its vineyards, with a couple of friends. A roadtrip, and some wine-tasting with two other girls… the perfect Easter vacation for single ladies (actually, one of us is not single, and it’s not me)!

Tomorrow, Italian pasta-based dinner at Holly’s. I bought saffron, cooking cream, pesto sauce, and much more foody goodness to make a delicious meal, can’t wait!!!!

There’s such a nice weather today, I’m off to the park (and maybe to some special exhibition at Te Papa Museum).

I love cheap sushi here.

Love and sunshine to everybody!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by melanieleeson on April 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    You’re SO happy! Your happiness radiates through your words :). I’m happy for you! So glad to hear that life is treating you so nicely in Wellington. Love the new flat.


  2. Posted by Kjelsie on April 17, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    I’m so glad to see how happy you are and how great your life is there in NZ 🙂 You are such an inspiring person, Benny. Miss you lots!


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